Paul Grant



I'm passionate about CSS. I care about clean modular code, backed by a well-documented design system. With seven years of direct experience, I hope to lead the implementation of your design system. With the right tools in place, creating seamless user experiences based on research becomes easier and less expensive.

My resume is below, but be sure to check out these case studies I've written on some of the design system work I've done in the past:

Skills & Abilities


Software Developer

Welbi Technologies

  • Established better practices for design system components
  • Recreated existing components to improve accessibility and developer experience
  • Developed programmatic methods of guaranteeing accessibility contrast levels when dealing with user-generated colors
  • Introduced better design processes and practices for new features
  • Contributed to Figma to create and sync design tokens between mockups and code

Sr. Design Operations Lead

Martello Technologies

  • Created a long-term plan for combining three separate software offerings into a unified user experience
  • Performed full WCAG accessibility audits across all products and developed strategies for addressing deficiencies and avoiding them in the future

Sr. Web Designer

Martello Technologies

  • Consulted on and implemented user interface designs
  • Created two design systems/component libraries from the ground up
  • Acted as gatekeeper for all CSS in keystone software applications
  • Performed code reviews
  • Used CSS/SCSS, HTML, JavaScript/Vue.js, npm, git


Tiny Glow Studio

  • Freelance graphic and web designer, focusing on small and start-up businesses
  • Primary website designer for three larger advertising and media firms
  • Managed sub-contractors for larger projects


Speaker at FITC Web Unleashed


  • Presented my talk, “Variations on a Theme” showing how to structure CSS to allow for easier theming
  • Presented my live coding session, “X-TREME THEMES”

Speaker at CSS Dev Conf

New Orleans

  • Presented my talk, “Introducing a Design System to a Legacy Product”
  • Won “Best of CSS Dev Conf” award



Advanced Diploma in Advertising, Ottawa, Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology


I'm married and have five children, aged 5-12 years old. In my free time, I like playing board games, video games and doing puzzles. I'm also a musician—I play guitar, piano, and bass (not simultaneously though) and I occasionally perform in local musical theatre.

Contact and More

These are some broader case studies from my time at Martello

This is a more in-depth study of the Scenic Design System I created

I live in Ottawa, Ontario. You can reach me at or (613) 620-3643